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Love 3 pack

Our mission at MirrorMinderz is to promote positive thinking and empowerment – one note at a time.  The power of positive thinking has been documented and encouraged for thousands of years.  Positive thinking leads to miracles that medical science cannot explain, to course changes that defy our sense of logic, to feats that cancel physics, to feelings of love and bliss that cannot be changed by temporary obstacles, to bumping into your soulmate at that random place, to creating that thing you choose to create that makes you happy and complete.

Picture that person that you know who is always smiling — we all know at least one!  Chances are they’ve figured out a thing or two about positive thinking because when you’re thinking positively that positivity manifests on your face in the form of a smile and in your eyes in the form of a sparkle and in your aura in the form of light.  When you’re thinking positively, you draw positive things to you.  There is no such thing as coincidence, we are all attracting our thoughts into our lives.

The first step in attracting your thoughts is to form the thought, the second step is to believe the thought and the third step is to repeat the thought.  This is where MirrorMinderz comes in.  MirrorMinderz are daily reflections and positive thoughts that are made out of an elegant, transparent material that goes on your mirror or any smooth, clean surface to create that stylish look in any room.  You get to see your special message every time you look at your bathroom mirror or bedroom mirror or office window or computer screen; while you’re getting ready for work or school or that special date — you are constantly repeating your positive thought every time you view your MirrorMinderz.

So what do you choose to create in your life? What positive thoughts do you want to start today? Click the links below to find the MirrorMinderz that is right for you



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