Little re 'minderz' to LOVE, BREATHE, PRAY, FORGIVE and NURTURE yourself and others...

MirrorMinderz are clear, elegantly designed re‘minderz’ that apply easily and remove cleanly from smooth surfaces.  Long gone are the days of writing your special message in lipstick on the mirror or using a yellow Post-It note that curls up at the bottom or falls off of the mirror when you take a hot shower – and don’t even think about giving that note on a sticky to someone as a gift!

MirrorMinderz are perfect, unique gift ideas for any occasion as well as the perfect tool in your personal toolkit to aid your personal growth and development.  MirrorMinderz show the surface beneath where they are placed, lay flat and can be repositioned or moved as often as you like on any smooth surface.  This means that when placed on a mirror or a window or glass, MirrorMinderz looks like it is a part of the mirror, window or glass.  All you see is your message – and not the yellow sticky note.

MirrorMinderz come in pre-printed words, daily affirmations and meditations as well as an option for you to create your own custom wording.  Uses are nearly limitless.  Place your MirrorMinderz on:  restaurant mirrors, office windows, bathroom mirrors, kitchen windows, bathroom scales, bedroom mirrors, side glass panels, make-up compact mirrors, picture frames, refrigerator doors, and laundry machine doors.  Leave the notes for yourself or leave them as an unforgettable random act of kindness for your kids, husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, father or perfect strangers.

Why use MirrorMinderz?

  • See your MirrorMinderz message all day, everyday, for as long as you want!
  • Replace your sticky notes with an elegant design that blends with any décor
  • Sticks to any smooth, clean, non-porous surface with NO sticky residue
  • Reuse and move around as many times as you want
  • Get them with pre-printed messages or blank to write your own
  • Look at them while you’re getting ready for school or work
  • Leave on bathroom mirrors all over town as random acts of kindness
  • Select the motivational messages that move you
  • Customize with drawings or stickers without damaging your property
  • Top unique gift idea for all occasions